What is the Tandem Transformation Program?

A 12 week accountability program designed to help the individual achieve their fitness goals as well as develop the healthy behaviors required to maintain their results long after the program has concluded. 


What we mean by Tandem?

Tandem means a group of two working together. The accountability aspect of this program refers to the friend or family member who will accompany you on this journey. We as a team will work together to hold each other accountable in every step of the program.

The ins and outs

This program uses one of the most accurate ways of measuring body fat in order to more accurately dial in your nutrition, which can be the difference between success and failure. We adjust your nutrition multiple times over the course of the program in response to your body’s changes.


Why We Do

Loosing weight, gaining muscle, or just getting healthy can be cumbersome and complicated. Our goal is to take something that is complex and make it really easy. In the end we want our athletes to better understand how health and fitness is all tied together.

WEEK 1          WEEK 12

"I started this program so stressed that I would be eating salad, chicken, and rice non stop. Found out that not only were there plenty of options, but most of my favorite food (in moderation) was still openly available to me."            ~Stephan Atkin

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